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 Turning 40 was supposed to be a big deal. You know, the big bash with all your family and friends. A big affair! It wasn’t. It didn’t happen the way I wanted. I wanted the balloons and celebration but just like every other major shift I’ve ever had it was suttle and quiet. Our transformation, our purpose {becoming who he designed us to be} rarely looks like what we see on tv or dreamed in our mind…instant, glamorous, with cheers and a crowd. We don’t see behind the scenes…the process. In my late 20’s the Lord had showed me a vision of my future and much like turning 40 I wanted the lights, the party. I wanted the dream…now. I never considered the process but he did. He didn’t need my help planning {I tried}. He rarely does. He takes his time. He likes surprises. He adores our trust. He sees the end from the beginning and knows our potential. We do not. We see time. We see work. We see pain. We see limitations. We see us and he needs us to see him. 

Purpose takes time. Our purpose has a process. Don’t despair. God is too faithful to leave us in a season longer than we have to be there. He promised us a hope and a future. A good one! Believe him! It may not happen overnight but what beautiful flower blooms the moment it’s planted? Just like turning 40 was going to happen party or no party so will your purpose. Whether you see or feel anything happening it’s inevitable because he made a promise!!