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Happy Saturday friends!!

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me…what a lie. 

All I heard was “you’re not” and then everything went fuzzy. Why go there?  Why use those words? I must have a big red button on my heart revealing my weakness and fears. I felt like I’d been beat up with words of anger, frustration, and bitterness. Their disappointments spoke and left questions in my mind. Were they right? The thought that I even questioned mysef made me angry and despondent {without hope or courage}. 

I’ve come to realize that hurting people hurt. They lash out with arrows full of poison. Whether they use their words or actions it hurts all the same. I’ve been guilty mysef. It wasn’t my intention but it was the result. Unless we allow the Lord to heal us we will rot from the inside out. When our hurts are so deep they will choke out every bit of hope and expectation in us and those around us. We will eventually become so toxic that drastic measures will need to be taken. The deeper the pain, wound, hurt, the greater the healing needed to root it all out. This is a painful process but not an impossible one. 

My dear friends, if you are in pain let me encourage you to take it to the Great Physician…Jesus. There is nothing that he can not heal. Surrender every ache, sorrow and wounded part of your life today. It’s time you start living pain free. The process won’t kill you but it will make you stronger. I’m living proof that the healing comes slowly but surely just don’t give up!! 

Jesus take a hold of everyone who reads these words and bring hope. Heal every secret place in them. Go deep Lord and do a mighty work that showcases your healing power. I come against every lie and word spoken against your truth in their lives. Bring comfort. Restoration. Salvation. Healing. In your name we pray…Amen!!