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Good morning friends! 

Today is the day we get another step closer to where Gods is taking us! Yes!! 

Do you ever catch yourself wondering why in the world am I still here? This would be the reoccurring theme these days. Have you seen hardship after hardship with small seasons of peace or calm yet it’s never long enough to be an overcomer or victor. Can I get a witness? Amen sista Emilie {I’ll high five myself}! 

God is doing a deep work when you find yourself in a familiar situation or season. The Isrealites were brought out into the desert to worship the Lord and root out Egypt. They had been captive so long {hundreds of years} that Egypt and their ways were more in them than they thought. They cried out to be delivered from bondage physically but spiritually, emotionally, and mentally they were in bondage as well. Our outside condition is NOT the only condition that needs to be tended to. I’m sure they, the Isrealites, thought the moment we are out of here we’ll be free from all of this slave work and bondage. Yet, we see that when they were in the desert even after the Red Sea crossing they wanted to go back cause at least they had this or that. What?! Go back after all they have seen God do?!

Don’t judge. We do it all the time. How many times has God brought us out of a situation and it doesn’t look like we thought it would and the first thing we do is complain and compare? We want the immediate turnaround, it’s what we prayed for. However, God sees deeper then that. He sees how we have become a slave to our old way of thinking, doing, believing. Oh sure, our surroundings may be different but we are still in the same place mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We are wandering round and round the same mountain wondering what is God doing. He is killing off the old you. The old ways. The old mind set. The old belief and doubts that have held you at a distance from true trust in God. He is creating a new dependence on him alone. No more options. He can’t allow you to have one ounce of Egypt in you when you enter into your promise land. 

Don’t despise your wilderness. This is a mandatory season of preparing you for your promise. I know it doesn’t look good. You’re tired. You’re hungry. You want more than just the temporary. Stop complaining. Stop comparing. Get ahold of what has been promised and praise God while on your journey there. Don’t allow yourself to wander one more moment longer than necessary because of your complaining and comparing attitude. Trust God knows the way out and is leading you there now!!